Tuesday, June 12, 2007

science: lab equipment and functions

mortar and pestle: for grinding and mixing

weighing scale: to meassure mass

spring scale: meassures weight

funnel: to guide liquid or powder

stirring rod: stirring and transferring liquids

erlenmayer flask: for titration [knowing the pH]

graduated cylinder: meassuring volume

florence flask: for mixing and distilation

volumentric flask: for storage, meassure volume, container and dilution

beaker: for heating

wire gauz: regulate heat and support for equipments to be heated

iron clamp: holds testube or thermometer
iron ring: support anything to be heated
iron stand: to hold iron ring

alcohol lamp: for fire [the cover to put out the fire]

burets: meassure pH [rubber] base [glass] acid (titration), transfer liquid, meassure liquid


pipette: meassure volume in smaller amounts [partner ng aspirator]

evaporating dish: for evaporating

pettri dish: observe

watch glass: help to observe

crucible tongs: to hold things that will be heated or that has extreme heat

boyle's law apparatus: demonstrate boyle's law


reagent bottle: storage

test tube: heating small amounts of liquid

test tube holder: hold heated test tubes

test tube rack: to put test tube

condenser: for condensation (duh?! the name)

water bath: steaming and indirect heating


Erica Therese said...

hey hey tara! printed out this post(: thanks├╝ keep it up! hehe

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